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TDDD63 Perspectives in Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Quizzes (Fall Term 1)

In the first part of the course, there will be a number of quizzes associated with the questions related to the course book. In general, there is one quiz for each chapter. You must do the quizzes associated with Chapter's 1-8. Additionally, you must choose one additional quiz from Chapter 9, 10, or 11. That choice is up to you. So, a total of 9 quizzes have to be completed. You can do the quizzes in which ever order you like and there is no time limit during the quiz or waiting time between quizzes.

Each quiz contains 15 questions. You are required to get 12 out of 15 correct to pass the quiz. You get three tries for each quiz where questions are provided randomly each time. If you fail to pass a quiz after three tries then you are locked out of that quiz until the exam period. During the exam period, the quiz will be opened up again for you. If after three more tries, you fail to successfully complete the quiz, you will be locked out of that quiz until the next occurrrence of the course the following year.

To acquire access to the quizzes, you should:

  1. Register yourself in the appropriate WebReg group (U, D1A, D1B, or D1C). WebReg is used to keep track of your grades and report them to LADOK. You must register here in order to get course credits for the quizzes!

  2. Sign in at LISAM, which handles the actual quizzes. Click on Mina kurser in the left-hand menu. After doing this, you should then click on Perspektiv pa datateknik/datavetenskap. This should take you to the course room. In the course room you can click on Test to select a quiz to take or Bedomningsoversikt to see what your highest score for each quiz is.

Each quiz should be completed after listening to the associated seminar and reading the associated chapter in the courses book. The absolute deadline for completion of the quizzes is by the end of the exam period in the the 1st Fall term. Failure to do this may result in you being locked out of the system until the following year unless there are extenuating circumstances. It is strongly recommended that you finish these quizzes ASAP so you can then focus on the larger programming project in the next period.

The LISAM system is a relatively new system being used for this course. Consequently, the electronic quiz framework is evolving. Hopefully, everything will function smoothly. In the case that you run into problems, please contact the course assistant, Martin Söderén, whose email is in the Course Contacts page.

Project (Fall Term 1 and 2)

Please see the project web pages and the project lecture slides.

Remember to sign up for your preferred project!

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