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TDDD63 Perspectives in Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Examiner and course leader

Patrick Doherty

Course secretary

Anna Grabska Eklund

Other teachers

Daniel de Leng
Erik Hansson, e-mail eriha172@student.liu.se
Fredrik Heintz
Goran Esmail, e-mail gores530@student.liu.se
Jon Dybeck, e-mail jondy276@student.liu.se
Jonas Kvarnström
Jonathan Doherty, e-mail jondo466@student.liu.se
Magnus Selin, e-mail magse761@student.liu.se
Sebastian Gustavsson, e-mail sebgu182@student.liu.se
Tommy Färnqvist

Director of studies

Peter Dalenius

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Last updated: 2012-06-20