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TDDD58 12 hp /Interaction design project

Timetable and Deadlines

The timetable is available through TimeEdit.

Deadline assignment 1: At the presentation in week 42.

Deadline assignment 2: At the presentation in week 51.

Deadline assignment 3: Between 13:15-15:00 on January 14, 2016. Handed in on paper outside Jonas Lundberg's office in building K2 (Campus Norrköping), second floor.

Deadline assignment 4: The three seminars work as a deadline for summaries and discussion questions. A critical review for higher grades (4 or 5) should be submitted via email to the TA on January 16, 2016 (lisa dot malmberg at liu dot se).

Deadlines for supplementary examinations: 2016-04-01 and 2016-08-28.


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