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TDDD58 12 hp /Interaction design project

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2016‑09‑08  Seminar groups

Published seminar and project groups on their respective pages.

2016‑08‑11  Updated

The course web page is updated for the fall 2016.

2015‑12‑01  SUS Calculation

Here is an Excel file that shows an example of how to calculate the SUS value: SUS-berakning.xlsx

2015‑11‑26  Example reports

Uploaded two examples of really good reports from earlier years that largely follow the Report Template: Usability Test Results (Long/Formal) from Usability.gov, but not the outline for thesis work reports: Report 1. Report 2.

2015‑09‑25  Example poster design

You can find really good information poster design if you do an image search on the terms Nobel Prize Poster. Do the same also for Presentation Board Design. Below are example posters from previous years of the course. Observe that they describe the entire semester and not only the user research and the concept phase. This means that your posters will have slightly different content.
* Poster 1, Mitt hem
* Poster 2, Weatherpal
* Poster 3, AOM Saab 2000

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