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TDDD58 12 hp /Interaction design project (12 ECTS)

Ht1-Ht2 2016

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2016‑10‑21  Clarification Individual Design Assingment

The handed in text for the individual assignment should explicitly answer the questions. These are examples from the Interactions magazine on the kind of writing that I expect to see:

Note that the links above report projects that have been finalized. You will in the first hand-in show and tell about how it was made so far. You are at this stage reporting work-in-progress. For the final presentation you will show and tell how it was all made and where you ended up. The pictures will for the first hand-in hence be things like sketches of ideas, photos from user research, and stuff that you so far has created.

2016‑10‑05  Time for presentation

Correct time for presentation is 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for critique.

2016‑09‑30  Inspiration for posters

For inspiration on how to present you concept design do an image search on Presentation Board Design. For good examples of information heavy posters do an image search for Nobel Prize Poster.

2016‑09‑08  Seminar groups

Published seminar and project groups on their respective pages.

2016‑08‑11  Updated

The course web page is updated for the fall 2016.

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