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TDDD58 12 hp /Interaction design project

Examination and Assignments


You will throughout the course work with four assignments connected to a design challenge. Each assignment (1-4) consist of both practice and theory, in team and individually:

  • Team Project Work 55%
  • Individual Readings 25%
  • Individual Design Work 20%

Team Project Work and Individual Readings are mandatory for each assignment, while Individual Design Work reported in sketch book and process book are not.

Every assignment (1-4) is, for every individual student, given points up to 100 (up to 55 points for Team Project Work, 25 points for Individual Readings and 20 points for Individual Design Work). The grade for the assignment is then calculated using the table below.

<50: Fail
50 for Grade 3
70 for Grade 4
85 for Grade 5

The same table is used for calculating the course grades. The mean of the points from each assignment is then used. I.e. if you had 65 points on Assignment 1, 75 on Assignment 2, 90 points on Assignment 3 and 60 on Assignment 4, the mean is 72.5 which will give you the grade 4 on the entire course, and the grades 3, 4, 5 and 3 on the assignments.

An individual team member can be given more or less points than the rest of the team in the project work if there is a valid reason for it. Omissions, errors or low process or product quality (ie. mandatory cover page information or reference lists in reports) will cause point reductions. Note that when the grading criteria says, for example, 5-10 data gathering sessions, or 5-15 concept alternatives, 10 or 15 will award more points than 5.

No assignments are assessed and graded between deadlines. There are deadlines for re-submission, and you can try for a higher grade at those deadlines. You need to contact the examiner in advance if you wish to try for higher grade. If you miss the round-up deadline you will have to make next year's assignments instead.


The following set of rules applies to the assignments in this course. It is a slightly modified version of IDA's general rules for labs.

Rules for examination

The assignments are in a group or individually, according to the instructions given for the course. However, examination is always individual.

It is not allowed to hand in solutions copied from other students, or from elsewhere, even though modifications have been made. If unauthorized copying or other forms of cheating is suspected, the teacher is required to make a report to the University Disciplinary Board.

You should be able to explain the details of the assignment. It is also possible that you may have to explain why you have chosen a specific solution. This applies to everyone in a group.

If you anticipate that you can not meet a deadline, contact your teacher. You may get some support and possibly a deadline at a later date. It is always better to discuss problems than to cheat.

If you do not follow the university and a course examination rules, and try to cheat, by for example plagiarizing or using unauthorized assistance, then it may result in a complaint to the University Disciplinary Board. The consequences of cheating can be a warning or suspension from studies.

Policy for presentation. A definite end date, deadline, generally apply to the submission of assignments in the course. This deadline may be during the course or at the end. If presentation is not done in time,you may have to do a new set of assignements the next time the course is offered.

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