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TDDD58 12 hp /Interaction design project

Design Briefs

You can below find the design briefs that you can choose from in this course.

The Wishing Car

Actia have a system that can display real-time information about one's car on one's smartphone or tablet. It allows the car owner to, for example, see if the car is locked, if the windows are open, and what the status of the car alarm is. From your phone or pad, you can also control the functions of the car. This makes it possible, for example, to start the car before going out to either cool or heat it. One could also, for example, see where the car is parked in a large parking lot. The assignment is to design an application that takes advantage of the technical possibilities of Actias platform and is feasable, which is meaningful and desirable to car owners, drivers and / or passengers , and maintaining market viable. First, along with Actia identify primary and secondary audiences for the future application based on their view of what types of cars it can be considered for. Client: Maja Eveborn, Actia.

Interactive Forecasts

SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) wants to explore new interactive ways of presenting weather forecasts. One can e.g. use probability forecasts for presenting the weather in a new way. Begin to identify potential target groups depending on weather conditions and produce a digital weather service with new interactive ways to present forecasts. Client: Andrea de Angelis, SMHI.

Web Search Engine for Easy-to-Read Texts

The research project Webblättläst at SICS East Swedish ICT, has developed technology to rank hits from a web search on how readable they are. The ranking uses a few different automatic readability measures. In the current system, you can also select a search engine, language, and how many results you want to see. You can also choose one of two methods to weed out irrelevant information, such as advertising and menus. This is necessary for the readability measures to work, but the ability to choose weeding out method is probably not important for ordinary users, but as developers of the system we want to be given the opportunity to choose. The current web app can be accessed here. It is in need of a much better design. One obvious target market for the service is people with reading and writing problems, but in this assignment, we want you to primarily focus on designing a service that takes advantage of the technology platform and in an elegant and efficient way allow teachers to search comprehensible texts to their students, or immigrants to search comprehensible texts during the time they are learning the language. it can also be interesting if you identify a radically different use for other user groups. Client: Arne Jönsson,SICS East Swedish ICT.

Resident Services via the TV

A housing company wants to develop services for their tenants that are distributed via a set-top box (STB) for digital TV. A local newspaper is also interested in delivering content on the same platform. Your mission is to identify desirable services for both residents and service providers, and package them in an easy to use and elegant design. Consider, in particular interactivity that takes advantage of both the wide channel downstream to the TV and the channel upstream from the resident to the service providers. Also, consider how services can best interact with other platforms (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Client: Lars-Thomas Rasmussen, Indentive AB

Informative Spatial Design

The Division of Human-Centred Systems (HCS) at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) has its offices in the E-building at Campus Valla in Linköping. They plan to renew their offices to some extent and are considering to have an interactive screen with newspaper clippings, current research, movies etc. They are also considering elegant and communicative information graphics describing the division's activities in the corridors and in the coffee area. In addition, they have discussed an interactive screen with kinect and art projects, as well as touch screens with IDA information. This is supplemented by photographs and room information. At the coffee machine, there could be a small interactive screen with current information. All information boards should be easy to update for employees at the division. The style should be "old school retro". Your mission is to bring together these scattered ideas to a comprehensive solution that is both informative for visitors and employees, and a decoration to the physical environment. Client: Jody Foo, HCS, IDA, Linköping University.

Portal for residents and their relatives at retirement homes

SICS East and Linköping Municipality wish to explore the possibility of IT-support to facilitate the exchange of information between stakeholders in the care for seniors with assistance needs. Stakeholders include care providers, relatives and most importantly the resident. One challenge is to create three different entrances to this service: one entrence for seniors which must be adapted to specific individual needs and different terminals in the home; one entrence for home care staff to be able to handle work planning and task tracking relative to a given health care plan; and one entrance for relatives to be able to stay in contact with the residents and even interact with caregiver staff. Needs and requirements are mapped in an ongoing development project. Your assignment is to develop and demonstrate design solutions that meet the different needs and conditions of the stakeholders as well as possible. Client: Sture Hägglund SICS East and Ingrid von Sydow, Linköping Municipality.

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