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TDDD58 12 hp /Interaction design project (12 ECTS)

Ht1-Ht2 2015

Latest News...

29/9  Cut and paste error

There was a cut and paste in the instructions for the process book in Assignment 3. There was a sentence from last year's instructions that made it possible to think that the process book should be made on the group work. That was wrong. The process book is made on the individual design work.

28/9  Slides 6

Updated the slides for lecture 6.

25/9  Example posters

Below are example posters from previous years of the course. Observe that they describe the entire semester and not only the user research and the concept phase. This means that your posters will have slightly different content.
* Poster 1, Mitt hem
* Poster 2, Weatherpal
* Poster 3, AOM Saab 2000

21/9  Axure RP

The prototyping tool Axure RP 7 Pro is now installed on all machines i K2510.

21/9  Slides 4 and 5

Updated the slides for lecture 4 and 5.

8/9  Slides 3

Updated the slides for lecture 3.

31/8  Slides for lecture 2 and 3

Linked to slides for the second and third lecture from the course information page.

31/8  Change in time table

The lecture on Friday 4 september 15:15-17:00 changes lecture hall to K2.

31/8  Slides for lecture 1

Linked to slides for the first lecture from the course information page.

31/8  Seminar groups

Seminar groups are now set up, based on expected students on the course.

19/8  Readings

Added reading instructions for the seminars.

19/8  Temporarily out of print

My book Interaktionsdesign och UX (2014, Studentlitteratur, Lund) is temporarily out of print, but new copies will be in stock next week.

3/8  Work in progress

This course information is currently being updated.

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