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TDDD50 Green Computing

Report guidelines

Each student has to write a report about the paper presented. Start by using the provided report template (odt). The report is used as part of the examination and reflects the comprehension of the topic. A report must include at least the following sections and contents:

  • Summary: Summary with the key ideas or approaches that the paper is presenting.
  • Discussion: Critical opinion of the reader about the paper. For example, identify and present the weak and strong points of the included approaches, comment on aspects of the paper which were not clear, explain points with which you do not agree, and so on.
  • Related work: Reference to at least two other papers describing topics related the presented paper. These can be new approaches or applications of the techniques studied in the presented paper. The report should include a summary of their main ideas. In order to find related works, you can refer to Information Search guidelines and ask the teachers for help if needed.

The report has to be sent in PDF format. The length of the report for a basic grade 3 should be 3-4 pages. For a higher grade, up to an extra page may be allocated to proposal of alternatives and additional related works, according to the examination rules.

Page responsible: Ekhiotz Jon Vergara
Last updated: 2014-07-04