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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering (6 ECTS)

HT1-HT2 2013

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27/11  Exam System Information on the 11th of December.


On the 11th of December there will be an opportunity for you to come and see how our examination system works. The exam is a computer exam and will be held in the computer rooms at IDA (where you have been doing the labs). We offer you this opportunity to familiarize yourself a bit with the system before you take the exam in January. The information will be given in SU 10-11, and it will only take an hour (even though four hours are booked in time edit). We won't accept everyone at once though, so i've split the group into two parts; if the last digit of your LiU-ID is even, come at 5 pm (17:15). If your last digit is odd, come at 6 pm (18:15). If you're still confused about when you should arrive, check the table below. Attending this session is NOT mandatory, but I recommend it to all who wish to pass the exam.


18-19 17-18 adano567 andry834 agnro577 animu356 akssr939 armfa896 alema673 erigu028 aloma129 freho100 borce437 freri902 chasa685 gaesa286 cuovu787 giaio890 danpe203 johek880 davge343 leodr350 davle279 marhe606 davst633 micgu500 freho147 mohre682 honzh899 oskwi012 isagu035 patek640 jaiga247 perax094 johku113 senab644 johni601 thoad624 josja289 usmsa204 junqi047 lisla021 loijo171 mahmo093 marra281 matja025 maxho409 nikja183 nikla907 prara387 rodga127 sofko053 thowi845 vicjo053 wouba801

30/10  Lesson on Monday the 4th of November is cancelled


Please note that the lesson on Monday the 4th of November, (between 15.15 and 17.00) is cancelled. It was incorrectly booked to begin with. The matter which was originally addressed during that lesson (sorting) is now included in the lecture which precedes it (Monday 13.15 to 15.00). Once more to be clear: The Lesson (15-17) is cancelled, the Lecture is NOT cancelled (13-15).

9/9  Tomorrow's Lecture (10/9) Canceled

There was an extra lecture booked in the schedule tomorrow (10/9). Since we covered all the material for lab 0 and 1 during today's lecture, there will be no lecture tomorrow.

2/9  Slightly Changed Rooms.

After today's lecture I have tried to find suitable rooms for the remaining lectures. I've been somewhat successful. For the two coming lectures (Monday and Tuesday) next week we have the same room as today, so we'll have to move in a few extra chairs. I am sorry about this. For the two remaining lectures (this period) we are rebooked in A35 and A34 respectively. TimeEdit and the timetable on these webpages have been update accordingly.

I've also booked a couple of more rooms for this week's STONE sessions, so we'll have some extra computers. Check the time table to see which additional rooms we have booked.

Best Regards Erik Nilsson

12/8  Course homepage 2013

Pay attention to the year when you visit the course homepage. The pages of previous years have now been removed. If any information seems to be missing, please contact me immediately.

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