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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering


STONE access

STONE (Simple Tool for Online Education) is a web system where you get an introduction to the computer systems at the Department of Computer and Information Science.

You can access STONE two ways using the links below. Your task is to complete the quizzes stated further down on this page. Until you get your login information you should use the reference material to get the information and practise. It is also good for quick references later on.

To access STONE quizzes you have to log on. The username will be the same as your normal student username to our computers. The password can be generated by you as soon as you are registered to the course TDDD34. Just go to the STONE login page, fill in your username, and press "Send password".

If you are not registered you have to do that first and try again in 24 hours. Registration is done in Zenit and issues are solved with your study counselor.

If you are 110% sure you are registered but still can not get a password, send a mail to the STONE supervisor explaining your problem. The title must be "TDDD34 STONE account generation problem" and you must expect 10 working days handling time. Log on to the reference to read up and practice while you wait.

Inside STONE

STONE consist of four sections with a number of steps in each. Each step consist of a tutorial followed by a automated quiz. Passing a quiz will enable one or more later steps. If you are unable to start the step you want you must complete some other step first.

Since the correction of quizzes is automatic it will only accept a predefined set of answers. Sometimes your answer is correct but not accepted. If you encounter such case, report it to a teacher. A rarer case is that the predefined set of answers are actually wrong. If you think you found such case, report that too (most often you are wrong and there is a explanation why the predefined answer is correct).

As a last notice, the English translation of the STONE text is new, if you encounter grammatical errors or inconsistency, speak up.

Unlocking quizzes

If you fail a quiz you must go back to the tutorial text to find out what you did wrong. You can start the quiz again after some fixed amount of time. If you fail the same quiz three times you misunderstood something and are required to get help from a teacher. Explain which assignment you have a problem with and we will try to help you understand.

The preferred way to unlock a quiz is to discuss your solution procedure with an assistant during lab time. You can also E-mail one of the assistants with the following information:

  • Which quiz that failed.
  • All questions asked in that quiz.
  • A detailed step by step description (walk-through) of how to determine and verify the correct answer to each question in that quiz.

Mails not fulfilling the above will get you nowhere.

Assignments (STONE steps and quizzes to do)

Hint: open the quiz in a new window or tab. That way you can keep the information leading up to the quiz available while doing the quiz.

You are required to complete the following steps before deadline (informed elsewhere). If you have suggestions to any of the material you are welcome to speak up. The intention of this material is to get you acquainted with the UNIX environment and some of the most common tools (our computer environment, the command line, emacs text editor (with powerful programming support if you learn how). You will need to know this, and be expected to know this, during labs and exam. The over-lined steps (if any) are optional, but recommended for the interested.

1:1-1:3Getting started
2:1-2:3IDA and the university
3:1-3:3Basics of UNIX (the terminal)
4:1-4:3Basics of Emacs
5:1-5:3Further UNIX
6:1-6:3Further Emacs (customizing)
7:1-7:2Printing files (to paper)
8:1-8:2Customizing the environment
10:1-10:2Working from home
11:1-11:2Your own web page at IDA

Page responsible: Erik Nilsson
Last updated: 2012-08-07