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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering (6 ECTS)

HT1-HT2 2010

Latest News...

12/12  Exam system demo timetable available

5/12  Crammed exam on Dec 16

The exam on December 16 is filled to the limit. Our goal is to give everyone a seat, so Please, contact me if you were unable to signup.

Any student that do not intend to come to the exam, Please remember to deregister.

1/11  Manning on labs updated

The number of assistants on labs is decreased (Not visible in timeedit!). Look at the course homepage to see which assistants that are available on each lab. You can ask or demonstrate to any, but if you demonstrate corrections from a previous demonstration you should try to use the same assistant.

22/10  Period 2 (Oct - Dec) Schedule and Deadlins online

The schedule for lecture, lesson and lab 5 is now correct. See timetable on this homepage (canceled and moved event still visible as such) or timedit (only the new schedule).

21/10  Period 2 (Oct - Dec) Schedule and Deadlins online

The schedule and deadlines is now available on the course homepage.
OBSERVE! Part of lesson 5 and lab 5 are subject to change, it is noted which events that are believed to be affected.

23/8  STONE (Simple Tool for ONline Education)

During the first weeks your task is to learn how to handle our computer system running Solaris 5.10. The most important things for you to learn is how to:

  • type fast on swedish keyboard layout
  • use textual commands to control the computer
  • NOT rely on graphichal point and click programs
  • start a "command shell" also known as a "terminal"
  • use the shell to navigate and control your files
  • use the shell to start and stop programs
  • use emacs, a powerful tool to edit text files and more...
  • use the "man" command to find documentation/manuals

As you can understand this all requires A LOT of actual practice.

STONE contain introduction material to those tasks and small quizzes to test yourself (and get credit). The information in STONE is available through the "STONE Reference" link in the menu. To do quizzes you need to login with a password. Students registered on time get login information automatically. For late students login information will be generated when it suits us. (Expect a delay of 10 working days.)

23/8  Course start 2010

The first lecture take place Monday 30/8 08:00 in BL32 with course information, introduction to programming and information regarding introduction to our computer environment. It is very important to be both registered to the course and have your computer username and password ready. Else you can not use our computers.

23/8  Course homepage 2010

Pay attention to the year when you visit the course homepage. The pages of previous years are kept for your reference. It allows you (and me) to view the pages and information valid for your year later on. The only drawback is that you may slip away to a previous year, or end up there after a search, without noticing. Pay attention!

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Last updated: 2010-09-28