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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering (6 ECTS)

HT1-HT2 2009

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Latest News...

18/12  Exam solutions available

Look in the previous exams section.

27/11  Exam SIGNUP

Remember to signup in the student portal. The signup closes 10 work days before exam (very soon).

27/11  Exam DEMO Wed Dec 9

Review the schedule for the DEMO of the exam system. http://www.ida.liu.se/~TDDD34/2009/exam/demo.en.shtml Attend the correct time, wait outside SU17-18.

20/11  Exam rules, inforamtion and translation guide

Posted in the slides section. Review the rules and check what the communication client will look like.

7/9  More lab space

Under activities section you can see the extra computer rooms booked. Time remain the same.


Due to too many students accepted on the course we need to move the lectures to larger rooms.

  • The lecture (FÖ) on Monday 7/9 is canceled.
  • A NEW lecture (FÖ) is scheduled on Tuesday 8/9 17-19 in P42.
  • All later lectures (FÖ) are moved to a larger room.

27/8  STONE schedule

When the schedule say "LA" you have STONE lab with supervisor available. When your schedule is empty you have STONE lab whithout supervisor. This apply until you are done with all your STONE quizzes.

The supervisors are there to help you when you have a problem. Do not hesitate to ask. The supervisors will move around in the lab rooms, but you may have to actively go find one of us to get help (unless your friend can answer).

Since we have a limited number of computers and supervisors everyone can NOT come on all supervised STONE labs (LA).

Read the schedule and decide which 5 (FIVE) different supervised labs you want to attend. "Tickets" for each 2-hour lab will be distributed on the lecture tomorrow.

If you read this on the homepage and did not receive a mail you should prefer times later next week, as your registration seems late. Hopefully you fixed it later next week and have all passwords then.

27/8  STONE passwords

STONE password will be generated for all registered students late this night or early this morning.

If you did not receive one after the lecture tomorrow, please follow the instructions on the course homepage.

26/8  Lab instructions page numbering fixed.

25/8  Lab instructions online.

Course start is 28/8 with course information, STONE information and introduction to programming.

19/8  Read the course homepage (everything)

Read the course homepage carefully. You are expected to know where to find all information you need without asking. And when you need to ask you are expected to know who and how to ask (see contact page).

19/8  Schedule interpretation

FÖ - Lecture
LE - Lesson, we solve assignments together
LA - Computer introduction (STONE)
SN - Computer lab

19/8  Welcome HT 2009

The web pages visible are up to date. Swedish students, if any, may find the "sister" course TDDC59 interesting. It is given in Swedish and uses in all important the same laborations. Thus you can get all material in Swedish there.

Page responsible: Klas Arvidsson
Last updated: 2009-08-21