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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering (6 ECTS)

HT1-HT2 2008

Welcome to the course homepage of TDDD34. News and information is posted here, keep yourself up to date. If you attend the course you are assumed to know the information given here. Read through all pages.

Latest News...

15/4‑2009  Exam solutions

Solutions to the exam is now available, see "Previous exams".

19/12  Exam solutions

Solutions to the exam is now available, see "Previous exams".

5/12  Exam system demo

Demonstration of exam system takes place december 9 15:00 - 15:30 in SU17/18.

2/12  Deadline lab 6

The deadline of lab 6 (matrixes) is december 9.

Do not forget to sign up for the exam if you did not do it yet!!

14/11  Exam drawing closer

  • Exam signup opens in two days. Be prepared to hog one seat.
  • The exam information (grading) is updated to be a little more readable.
  • One example exam is added (causing a delay in correction of your labs).

7/11  Slides from lecture 5

The slides from lecture 5.

22/10  Deaadline of lab 3 is October 30

The deadline is as before for passing, you need to demonstrate in advance to have time to fix errors.

22/10  Activities plan and group schedule updated for study period 2

9/10  Test program for lab 3 assignment 12

A test program for assignment 12 is now available in the lab material section.

It is assumed you name the functions according to:

        sum  = my_plus(a, b)   % addition:       a + b
        diff = my_minus(a, b)  % subtraction:    a - b
        quot = my_div(a, b)    % division:       a / b
        prod = my_mult(a, b)   % multiplication: a * b

Integers stored in binary form have range limited by the amount of bits used. In assignment 13 we always want to do the calculations using integers because integer operation always produce an exact result as long as it is in the valid range. Your task in assignment 12 is to implement the alternate versions for +-*/ that will make results outside the range, or floating point results, plainly visible as wrong.

9/10  Course Evaluation

I urge you all, PLEASE, to take some time to enter your opinions and suggestions to improve the course on the evaluation board. Please add your opinion even if it is already written. Importance and priority is proportional to the amount of opinion. It is completely anonymous.

You can find it on course homepage just above STONE section.

You will need a username and a password. Members of the course received this on email. User and password are common for all course members and are needed only to prevent spam.


After a brief downtime, apparently STONE is working again.

The new deadline will be Friday 19/9 23:59:59.
One second later will be Saturday 20/9 00:00:00.
You loose if not completed by then.

I think 10 minutes less time for higher grade on the exam would be appropriate to loose.

Special rules apply to those that got their STONE password after 12/9. They have deadline one week after reception of password.

10/9  Schedule CHANGES (larger room)

Note again that the lesson tomorrow is canceled.

The remaining lectures and lessons are moved to larger room.

From now on we will be in U4, but for the last lesson this period (HT1) we will be in KY32.

Update the room on your schedules.

10/9  Lesson CANCELED

The LESSON tomorrow 13-15 is CANCELED. It was not meant to be in the first place (as actually outlined in the activities plan). The first lesson is lesson 2 18 Sept 13-15.

10/9  Deadlines and Bonus

I updated the Activities section with the deadline for lab 0 it is the same as for lab 1. Pass on each lab should be achieved BEFORE next course activity in the plan to meet deadline.

Meeting a deadline will give you bonus time on the exam. 5 min for each deadline sum up 35 min extra time for higher grade!!

10/9  Lab typo and Hints

N.B. You do not need any if-statements to solve any of the exercises in the first labs. Clever math is sufficient.

Lab 0, assignment 2 contain the small Swedish word 'och'. It is translated 'and'. Also note the symbols for 'round to nearest lower integer' and 'round to nearest higher integer' in the expressions. The result of 7+[3/2]-[6/5] (not correctly written here) should be 6.

Lab 0, assignment 3. Hint: What if you calculate the difference in days, hours, minutes and seconds (only not display the days)? Make sure the second time is always the larger. You do not need conditions, just math.

8/9  Lab (SN) start

Tomorrow we will start with the introduction to Matlab lab. You can find the material on the course homepage in LAB section. Be prepared. You are expected to spend, in total, at least [3hp * 30h/hp = 90h] on the laborations. Only the minor part is scheduled.

5/9  Getting started with STONE deadline

The deadline to get started with STONE is past. Exceptions are made for students that simultaneous fulfill ALL THREE (3) of the following:

  1. Are registered to the course latest 15/9
  2. Do not yet have STONE passwords
  3. Already contacted me about it

Everyone should note that registration to the course is obligatory.

5/9  About printing

We are in the process of changing to a new printing system at the department.

Until definite information of how the new system will work are available you may skip the printing step in STONE.

I will mail when definite information is available. Fortunately you are not required to print anything yet.


Deadline 1: Friday Sept 5

Anyone not started on STONE by end of this week are taken as NOT FOLLOWING the course. To get continued help you have to do STONE.

Deadline 2: Sunday Sept 14

STONE shall be fully completed BEFORE Monday September 15. (Refer to course homepage to see the steps needed to complete) Some students are already done yesterday. Good work.

STONE passwords for the few that registered late and contacted me are in progress. I hope they will be ready during the day. Deadlines are already adjusted. No extensions granted.

3/9  Deregister

I ask students attending this course, but also faulty registered to course TDDD33 do cancel the registration for TDDD33. It will avoid future confusion of the courses, since you else get the messages for both, and the course code is easily confused.

25/8  LA vs SN in schedule

Scheduled time intended for work with STONE was meant to be labelled LA, and times reserved for main lab work SN. However, due to scheduling issues this is obfuscated. STONE (LA) is in week 36 (1 Sept. - 5 Sept.), remaining time is for lab (SN).

19/8  Schedule changes!!!

The course was meant to "cooperate" with the sister course TDDC59 given in block 4, and was therefore scheduled in block 4. However, due to communication issues the course was later advertised as a "block 3" course in the study guide. If you did your course selections based on this clashes are likely.

As a last minute remedy when this was discovered the schedule was rearranged. If you already printed (before 19/8) your schedule you have to print it again. I will keep you up to date whenever more changes occur. Make sure you are on the course email list, if you did not receive this message on email you are probably not.

19/8  Welcome HT 2008

Most of the content is up to date. Swedish students may find the "sister" course TDDC59 interesting. It is given in Swedish and uses the same laborations. Thus you can get all material in Swedish there. It is your responsibility to know all information on the homepage.

12/8  Updates

Course information, STONE, and Exam information added, the lab pages are still empty templates.

3/6  New course

The web pages are generated automatically and have in some cases a very rudimentary content.

Page responsible: Klas Arvidsson
Last updated: 2008-08-12