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TDDD33 Programming (C++)


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Lab signup

All lab work shall be done together with ONE fellow student. Demonstration "on your own" will not be permitted. Use the link "Lab signup" in the menu to left.

Lab demonstration and approval

Finished (well tested and debugged) labs should be approved by one of the assistants. Look in the Common Requirements for instructions. Refer to STONE information if you need to backup, rename or move any files.

Lab BONUS on the exam

By doing your work on time you can get bonus time on the exam. Demonstrate before or during the presentation sessions in the schedule to get bonus time. The hard deadline to finish labs 1-4a is the first scheduled lab session in study period 1 (October). The deadline to finish labs 4b-8 is the last day of study period 2 (December).

Bonus time extend the time limit of grade 4 and 5 (on computer exam in January). You will get 5 minutes for each lab deadline you meet. You can get at most 40 minutes of bonus time, no matter how many deadlines you meet.

Lab instructions

September and October labs (HT1 period)

November and December labs (HT2 period)

(+ means voluntary assignment)

Given files

Copy and rename the given files as necessary. The folder 'sdlconsole' contain a drop-in replacement for the console class, check the README file.

Your responsibilities in order to learn

  • Attend lectures and ask questions
  • Read book and study examples
  • Attend lessons and participate actively and ask questions
  • Study, modify and write small eperimental programs that focus on how one particular feature of C++ works
  • Prepare lab solutions at home
  • Discuss different solution approaces with your lab partner
  • Attend labs and write lab solutions
  • ...

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