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TDDD33 Programming (C++)

Lecture slides

This is slides from 2011. They are subject to change. They are not a substitution for attending. They are not a substitution for reading a book or reference.


Lecture topics

Lecture 0
Course information, STONE, algorithm and problem solving introduction.
Lecture 1a
Assignment operator, datatypes and type conversion, I/O (formatted input) and sequence.
Lecture 1b
Continue from lecture 1a and Selection and repetition. Good-vs-bad style code-examples.
Lecture 2
Functions and recursion
Lecture 3
Stream I/O: text files, string streams, (binary files).
Lecture 4a
Arrays, pointers, dynamic arrays.
Lecture OO
Object orientation, classes, material handed out on seminar

Period break and exams in other courses.

Lecture 4b
Classes: Constructor, destructor, member variable, member function, public, private, STL.
Lecture 5
Linked lists, Pointers, Dynamic memory.
Lecture 6
Classes: Operator-overloading, copy-constructor, destructor, assignment-operator.
Lecture 7
Classes: Inheritance and polymorphism.
Lecture 8
Classes: Exceptions, templates, (namespaces).
Simple array class template (lesson 8)

Period break and exam in this course.

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