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TDDD33 Programming (C++)


It is of   utmost importance  to start the subject line of any email communication with the course code. In this case TDDD33. If you fail to do this your message may be lost.

Examiner and Course leader

Klas Arvidsson
Answer questions regarding course organization. Can not handle registration issues, contact your study counselor. See "Director of studies" below regarding complementary course election forms.

Introduction Practice Supervisor

Filip Strömbäck
Read the FAQ first. Answer questions regarding STONE passwords and locked quizzes. Can help you get going on the black-box testing, but no hints.

Lab Assistants/Supervisors

Filip Strömbäck
Answer questions regarding computer environment, lab assignments and C++.

Niklas Holma
He is very busy and will only be available during presenation sessions when the workload is too high for a single assistant. Can answer questions regarding computer environment, lab assignments and C++.

Course secretary

Madeleine Häger Dahlqvist
Answer questions regarding missing points (study credits). If you only miss the little star marking the course as completed, wait for it. It may appear as long a one month after the course finished. Only if it takes longer you should point it out.

Director of studies

Patrick Lambrix
Signs complementary course registration forms. Never mail him, refer to the instructions on his office door if you need a signature. If, at the moment, no instructions are found on his door you must hand in the form at "studerandeexpeditionen" (see "Registration" in the left menu).

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Last updated: 2012-08-25