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TDDD33 Programming (C++) (6 ECTS)

Ht1-Ht2 2012

Welcome to the course homepage of TDDD33. Important news and information are posted here, and even more often sent to the course emailing list, keep yourself up to date. If you attend the course you are assumed to know the information given here. Read through all pages.


To see if you are ready to attend the course, verify that you have done and know the following:

  • I have registered to my programme
  • I have received my LiU-ID and my LiU card
  • I can log on to studentportalen
  • TDDD33 is listed among "My registrations" in studentportalen
  • I am on the course mail lists for my courses (see studentportalen)
  • I can log on to computers in SU-rooms with my LiU-ID and password.
  • I have read all information on this course homepage
  • I have understood all information on this course homepage
  • I remember all information on this course homepage
  • I know where to find the course deadlines and schedule
  • I know what to do in STONE-labs and black-box testing
  • I know a friend with skills equal to mine that want to do C++-labs with me
  • I know where to find lab material

Latest News...

SEP 26 2012  Are you student from 2008-2011? Did not pass exam yet?

Send a mail to examiner! Something is perhaps to be planned for October.

SEP 03 2012  Registration problems resolved?

I believe most problems with registrations to be solved now. If you still have problems to get registered to the course, please inform the course leader.

AUG 28 2012  Registration issues

If you have registration issues, please go to the Zenit building helpdesk to get help.

AUG 27 2012  N.B. Schedule updates!!!

Last Friday the schedule was updated, please check the changes. Tuesday and Wednesday Lecture is now STONE/Black-box lab.

AUG 26 2012  Timeedit unreliable?

For this course you have access to the schedule from the menu to left. A small "rescue" if you need timedit for other courses is the mobile phone version (works on computer too):


AUG 24 2012  Black-box testing assignment

In parallell with STONE you will collaboratively work on a black-box test assignment. Your goal is to determine which of 16 different solutions to a typical programming problem that is correct, and more important, what is wrong with the other solutions. Each program have at least one uniqe flaw, and some flaws occur in several versions.

AUG 24 2012  STONE (Simple Tool for ONline Education)

During the first two weeks your task is to learn how to handle our computer system running Solaris 5.10. The most important things for you to learn is how to:

  • type fast on swedish keyboard layout
  • use textual commands to control the computer
  • NOT rely on graphichal point and click programs
  • start a "command shell" also known as a "terminal"
  • use the shell to navigate and control your files
  • use the shell to start and stop programs
  • use emacs, a powerful tool to edit text files and more...
  • use the "man" command to find documentation/manuals

As you can understand this all requires A LOT of actual practice.

STONE contain introduction material to those tasks and small quizzes to test yourself (and get credit). The information in STONE is available through the "STONE Reference" link in the menu. To do quizzes you need to login with a password. When you are properly registered to the course you can generate the password yourself from the STONE login page.

AUG 24 2012  Course start 2012

The first lecture take place Monday 27/8 08:15 in S41 with course information, introduction to programming and information regarding introduction to our computer environment. It is very important to be both registered to the course and have your computer username and password ready before the first lab session. Else you can not use our computers.

AUG 24 2012  Course homepage 2012

Pay attention to the year when you visit the course homepage. The pages of previous years are kept for your reference. It allows you (and me) to view the pages and information valid for your year later on. The only drawback is that you may slip away to a previous year, or end up there after a search, without noticing. Pay attention!

Page responsible: Klas Arvidsson
Last updated: 2012-08-25