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TDDD33 Programming (C++)

Allowed Aids

Allowed aids

You are allowed to use any of the following items during the exam:

  • One C++ book, it may be the 5000 page C++ bible or any C++ book you choose. If it is your book, you may have minor notes in it. It must be a real "hardcopy" book. Printed/copied books are not allowed. Neither are electronic books, since no electronic devices whatsoever is allowed (except the computer environment we provide.)
  • Dictionary to/from your native language. Again it shall be a real hardcopy book.
  • Pen/eraser/ruler for any notes, figures, drawings or measurements you may find useful to explore solution ideas. The invigilators can supply empty papers for you to use.

You are specifically NOT allowed any of the following items during the exam:

  • Electronic devices. No phones, calculators, translators, e-books etc. Place any such things according to instructions from invigilators, probably in your bag or jacket a long way from your seat. Make sure your phone is off.
  • Papers with notes.

Things provided on exam

The following resources will be provided by us. If you do not know how to handle the tools below you will not pass the exam. You are meant to learn the tools during STONE and the labs.

  • Computer: Thin client running Solaris
  • Environment: A standard shell with standard commands (ls, cp, mv)
  • Programming tools: g++, emacs, make
  • Manual pages: Through standard shell command 'man'
  • Empty papers for any notes, figures or drawings you may need to visualize your algorithms and solution ideas.

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