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TDDD33 Programming (C++) (6 ECTS)

Ht1-Ht2 2011

Latest News...

1/12  Schedule for December 6 !!

Plese refer to mail for more details.

        SU15-16 13.15 SHARP     SU14 13.30
        -------------------     ----------
        abdja379  alash325      aliah706
        andbu280  asasy270      celma654
        ezhkr601  filma319      hadca513
        hamsa339  jalsy240      jerle134
        julma685  junli318      jusfr643
        maigu379  matha838      matlo607
        micng445  murem020      nanfr667
        nicbe450  nilje307      qaina929
        sarmu544  shear995      timva277
        tomde265  wafal702      vaihi062
        vampo650  ziczh236
        navki647  muhhu294

        SU14/15/16 14.15 - 17.00
        Remaining lab demonstrations.

23/8  STONE (Simple Tool for ONline Education)

During the first two weeks your task is to learn how to handle our computer system running Solaris 5.10. The most important things for you to learn is how to:

  • type fast on swedish keyboard layout
  • use textual commands to control the computer
  • NOT rely on graphichal point and click programs
  • start a "command shell" also known as a "terminal"
  • use the shell to navigate and control your files
  • use the shell to start and stop programs
  • use emacs, a powerful tool to edit text files and more...
  • use the "man" command to find documentation/manuals

As you can understand this all requires A LOT of actual practice.

STONE contain introduction material to those tasks and small quizzes to test yourself (and get credit). The information in STONE is available through the "STONE Reference" link in the menu. To do quizzes you need to login with a password. When you are properly registered to the course you can generate the password yourself from the STONE login page.

12/8  Course start 2010

The first lecture take place Monday 29/8 08:15 in R41 with course information, introduction to programming and information regarding introduction to our computer environment. It is very important to be both registered to the course and have your computer username and password ready before the first lab session. Else you can not use our computers.

12/8  Course homepage 2010

Pay attention to the year when you visit the course homepage. The pages of previous years are kept for your reference. It allows you (and me) to view the pages and information valid for your year later on. The only drawback is that you may slip away to a previous year, or end up there after a search, without noticing. Pay attention!

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