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TDDD33 Programming (6 ECTS)

Ht1-Ht2 2008

Welcome to the course homepage of TDDD33. News and information is posted here, keep yourself up to date. If you attend the course you are assumed to know the information given here. Read through all pages.

Latest News...

15/4‑2009  Exam solutions

Solutions to the exam is now available, see "Previous exams".

19/12  Exam solutions

Solutions to the exam is now available, see "Previous exams".

5/12  Exam system demo

Demonstration of exam system takes place december 9 in SU17/18 according to the following schedule.

        First letter of user name       Demonstration time December 9
        a-j                             09:00 - 09:30 in SU17/18
        k-m                             09:30 - 10:00 in SU17/18
        n-r                             10:00 - 10:30 in SU17/18
        s-z                             10:30 - 11:00 in SU17/18

25/11  Schedule change

The lab Friday 28/11 08:00-12:00 is MOVED.

The lab will instead take place:
Monday 1/12 17:00-21:00 in SU17, SU18

24/11  Slides available

I used slides on some lectures/lesson. On common request they are now available. Bear in mind they are not meant to be used on their own. You need the comments and explanations from lecture.

9/10  Learn emacs during lab!!!

I want to point out the importance of learning emacs during the labs.

The exam is on the lab computers, but the environment is stripped of all things but the tools you need.

The ONLY things available will be g++ and emacs.

No such thing as Firefox, gedit or other applications. All you will have is g++, emacs and the book + notes you are allowed to bring.

If you arrive at the exam without knowing how to use emacs efficiently you will most certainly have a struggle to complete even one assignment. Practice by using emacs during laborations.

1/10  Schedule change

The lab session Wednesday October 8 13-15 is CANCELED and REPLACED by a new session Friday October 10 19-21 in SU15/16.

The lab session Thursday October 9 13-15 in SU17/18 will be supervised by me instead of Kristian.

The lab session Thursday October 9 17-19 in SU02/03 will be without supervisor, but Victor will be available for questions in SU17/18.

17/9  6 important points

  1. A new lecture is scheduled Sept 23 15-17 in C2. It is OBLIGATORY for ALL to attend. We will:
    • Have a quiz on the syllabus, course information, lab information and exam information (entire course homepage).
    • Organize the lab groups and schedule as there is confusion about it.
    • Organize support groups.
    • Information and fast repetition for new students.
  2. Make sure you have the latest schedule from timeedit (after Sept 8). (Remember the subtle changes of lecture location last week.)
  3. The course is 6 "hp" Each "hp" is *at least* 30 hours of work. It means a total of 180 hours of time you will need to complete the course. The course is given mainly Sept 1 - Okt 10 and Okt 24 - Dec 8. Okt 10 - Okt 24 is exam period for other courses. This totals to 11 weeks. It means you need to sped *at least* 16 hours on the course each week. Only about 6-8 hours is scheduled each week. It remains (at least) 10 hours of unscheduled work each week!!!!!!! Or you can expect at least 2 hours of work each and every day (including weekend) up to Dec 8.
  4. No one will give you step by step instructions of what to do. This course is about programming. Solving problems. About *figuring out* step by step instructions and translate to code.
    The lab instructions will describe only what the final program should do (achieve). It is your task to figure out how to write it.
    Lab assistant and instruction can give "clues", but you will have to look up in book or reference manual how to use the "clues".
  5. The lab deadlines are set on the course homepage. If you miss a deadline it means you must work harder to meet next deadline. It also means you loose one "#".
  6. Bonus. In the end you need ten (10) "#". If you have more than 10 you will get bonus time (for higher grade) on the exam. 5 minutes per "#" above ten, but max 30 min. For example: If you in the end have 14 "#" you will get 20 minutes bonus ((14-10)*5).


After a brief downtime, apparently STONE is working again.

The new deadline will be Friday 19/9 23:59:59.
One second later will be Saturday 20/9 00:00:00.
You loose if not completed by then.

I think 10 minutes less time for higher grade on the exam would be appropriate to loose.

Special rules apply to those that got their STONE password after 12/9. They have deadline one week after reception of password.

12/9  LAB pages updates

Lab pages have received some updates. Deadlines and information on how to get bonus time on the exam is added. Other parts of lab pages are also a little revised. More labs will be added later.

10/9  STONE deadline

Students that received the STONE password this week will have one week extended deadline.

8/9  Schedule updates

The lecture (FÖ) locations is changed!! An extra LE + SN group is added, labelled as GRC for you that signed up on the extra list. The group schedule is not yet updated, look for GRC in the timeedit schedule.

7/9  Frequently asked questions section added

5/9  Getting started with STONE deadline

The deadline to get started with STONE is past. Exceptions are made for students that simultaneous fulfill ALL THREE (3) of the following:

  1. Are registered to the course latest 15/9
  2. Do not yet have STONE passwords
  3. Already contacted me about it

Everyone should note that registration to the course is obligatory.

5/9  C++ labs

The first two weeks of the course (until 12/9) is dedicated to STONE-computer introduction, and getting all late students registered.

We will start some introduction C++ on lectures next week. Labs start in the end of next week.

We will go from scratch and assume no programming experience. Concentrate on getting STONE done and solving any administration issues.

When STONE is done you are expected to buy the book that suits you most and start preparing for the lectures and lessons. Planned activities and chapters to read are outlined in the activities section on homepage. (Chapters refer to the selected course book.)

5/9  Group 4

Lessons and C++ labs will for all groups start in the end of next week. There will be a new "group 4" scheduled due to more of you than expected with late registration. I will post information as soon as ready.

If you signed up on the "Extra" list outside my office you belong to the new group 4.

Keep a look out on the course homepage and your mail inbox.

5/9  About printing

We are in the process of changing to a new printing system at the department.

Until definite information of how the new system will work are available you may skip the printing step in STONE.

I will mail when definite information is available. Fortunately you are not required to print anything yet.


Deadline 1: Friday Sept 5

Anyone not started on STONE by end of this week are taken as NOT FOLLOWING the course. To get continued help you have to do STONE.

Deadline 2: Sunday Sept 14

STONE shall be fully completed BEFORE Monday September 15. (Refer to course homepage to see the steps needed to complete) Some students are already done yesterday. Good work.

STONE passwords for the few that registered late and contacted me are in progress. I hope they will be ready during the day. Deadlines are already adjusted. No extensions granted.

2/9  Schedule change

The schedule of group 1 had to be changed in last minute due to unavailable supervisor.

        Original        New time
        Tue  2 10-12    Tue  2 19-21 in SU10-11  (orig. time supervised by me)
        Thur 4 10-12    Thur 4 19-21 in SU17-18  (original time canceled)
        Tue  9 10-12    Wed 10 08-10 in SU11-12  (original time canceled)

N.B. You may find a computer to work with STONE on the original times, but without supervisor.

2/9  Signup, STONE account and registration

If you get this on email, you are registered to TDDD33. If you read this on homepage, be alarmed.

We have many more students registered than expected, and may need to schedule extra lab and lesson. It is very important to sign up if you plan to attend.

If you did not sign up in one of the lab/lesson groups, you need to do it immediately. All current groups are full. Extra lists can be found outside my room (no schedule).

If you did not yet get your STONE account, and did not contact me, do it now. (Please allow the administration to take some time, late registrations are causing a mess.)

29/8  A group schedule is available in "Activities" section.

Please review which group schedule involves least clashes for you. Be prepared to sign up for that group on first lecture.

20/8  "Important" section updated with more paragraphs

Read the Organization, Lab environment, Presence, Emails paragraph

12/8  Updates

Course information, STONE, and Exam information added, the lab pages are still empty templates.

3/6  New course

The web pages are generated automatically and have in some cases a very rudimentary content.

Page responsible: Klas Arvidsson
Last updated: 2008-08-12