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TDDD31 Software Engineering with International Partners

Time Place Activity Note
Thu, 5 Sept 13:15-15:00 S10 Lecture 1 Course introduction
Tue, 17 Sept 9.15 - 10.00 - Lecure 2

Researcher Dr. Daniel Nordigården, Department of Management and Engineering, LiU. The talk will be about outsourcing.

Thu, 26 Sept 13:15-15:00 R26 Seminar 1 Chapter 1: Global Leaders and Culture, pages 2-36 in the course book. Hand in required.
Thu, 3 Oct 13:15-15:00 R36 Seminar 2 Chapter 2: Global Leaders and Communications, pages 37-71 in the course book. Hand in required.
Thu, 10 Oct 13:15-15:00 R44 Seminar 3

Trompenaars theory (model of culture and its seven dimensions)

Hofstede's theory (cultural dimensions)

Thu, 17 Oct 13:15-15:00 R36 Lecture 3 Guest Lecture: Lecturer TBA
Thu, 14 Nov   - Seminar 4 Luciara Nardon and RIchard Steers. The culture theory jungle: divergence and convergence in models of national culture. Cambridge Handbook of Culture, Organizations, and Work. Rabi S. Bhagat and Richard M. Steers (Eds). Cambridge University Press 2009.
Fri, 15 Nov   - Lecture Sara Möller, Industrial Financial Systems (IFS)
Fri, 22 Nov   IDA, Herbert Simon Seminar 5 Chapter 3: Negotiating long term for mutual benefits, pages 72 - 96 in the course book. Hand in required
Fri, 22 Nov   S10 Seminar 6 Research paper
Fri, 29 Nov   S23 Lecture TBA
Fri, 6 Dec   R32 Lecure TBA
Fri, 13 Dec   S11 Seminar Poster Presentation. Projectors will be available for all groups
Fri, 13 Dec   - Hand in Deadline for submitting project reports


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