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TDDD30 Advanced Software Engineering

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2012‑02‑17  Muddy-card evaluation

The summary from the muddy-card evaluation can be found in the menu to the left.

2012‑02‑13  Old exams uploaded

Three exams from 2011 are added. Please note that some articles were different.

2012‑02‑13  Slides uploaded

Slides for Professionalism and Ethics are uploaded.

2012‑02‑13  Article uploaded

Article for Market-Driven Software Engineering uploaded. It is also a good example of how a qualitative survey can be documented.

2012‑01‑30  Slides uploaded

Slides for Anatomy, Maintenance, Reuse, and Market-Driven SE are uploaded.

2012‑01‑23  Presentation and paper

I have marked Questions in the schedule for 25 Jan 9-10 and 27 Jan 15-17. Then I am available for questions about groupwork presentations and individual term papers.

2012‑01‑23  Slides uploaded

Slides and articles added for the seminars on Tuesday 24 Jan and Wednesday 25 Jan.

2012‑01‑22  Slides uploaded

Slides added for the seminar on Monday 23 Jan.

2012‑01‑19  Course start

The schedule is now complete. Two articles added for the seminar on Monday (23 Jan.).

2012‑01‑15  Course start

I have started updating the course page. Course start is 16 January 13.15 in P30.

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