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TDDD30 Advanced Software Engineering (6 ECTS)

Vt1 2012


Welcome to the course Advanced Software Engineering. There are 24 students in the registration list, which means that there are fewer of us now since the number of international master's students has decreased. This means that we can have more interaction and allow us to do some practical investigations in groups. Every time I give this course I learn something new from the students.

A central part of the the reading is The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge. If you would like to have the pdf-file, you can still get it for free by acessing IEEE Xplore from the Linköping University Library page. Select Databases ad e-books in the menu, and search for IEEE. In IEEE Xplore, search for 0-7695-2330-7 which is the ISBN number.

This course web will be continuously updated, and as soon as there is something new to read I will post a message on the news-list below.

Kristian Sandahl, course leader and examiner

Latest News...

2012‑02‑17  Muddy-card evaluation

The summary from the muddy-card evaluation can be found in the menu to the left.

2012‑02‑13  Old exams uploaded

Three exams from 2011 are added. Please note that some articles were different.

2012‑02‑13  Slides uploaded

Slides for Professionalism and Ethics are uploaded.

2012‑02‑13  Article uploaded

Article for Market-Driven Software Engineering uploaded. It is also a good example of how a qualitative survey can be documented.

2012‑01‑30  Slides uploaded

Slides for Anatomy, Maintenance, Reuse, and Market-Driven SE are uploaded.

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