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TDDD29 IT-Project Management


In the seminars you will work in groups (6-7 students). The same group members will work on the same project as well. Before each seminar the individual student need to be prepared and read some chapters from the course book. Hence, each seminar will discuss the topics in the book. A reading list for each seminar is given below.

During the first 25 minutes of the seminar, the group members will discuss different topics from the book with the goal to compile a list of five important aspects that one must consider in the management and planning of projects. Hence, a result from this discussion is a list of items that we discuss for about 20 minutes in plenum.

During the second part of the seminar each group will be working with their own project in relation to the seminar topic. Hence, the seminar is an exellent time to work with your own project plan. The seminars is also an opportunity to dicuss project specific issues with the assistants.

Seminar 01  

Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 from the course book (Succesful IT Projects)

Seminar 02  

Chapter 5: Project planning I: activities and schedules

Seminar 03   Chapter 6: Project planning II: cost management  
Seminar 04   Chapter 8, Chapter 9: Quality management and risk management  
Seminar 05   Project presentation (Poster)  


The seminar should aid you in writing the final project report. Therefore, in conjuction to each seminar, it is advised to look at the project template and identify parts of it that are related to the topics of the seminar. For example, the one seminar will probably discuss risk management and therefore it is good to check out where these parts are written about in the template. Below is a project management plan template that can give you some guidence for the Final Report:

Project Management Plan Template (PDF)

Project Management Plan Template (Word)

Feel free to modify the template according to your projects needs. The template has been tailored from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard for Software Project Management Plans, IEEE Std 1058-1998.

The course book:

Successful IT Projects

by Darren Dalcher and Lindsey Brodie

It is available at Amazon.