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TDDD29 IT-Project Management


Finally, you are in charge. Your project work will enable you to demonstrate your IT project management qualities by "repeating" some successful historical projects or change the course of history by rescuing projects that failed or have been doomed to failure. Each project you will face different challenge and you will need to deal with different type of constraints and problems. Of course, if you wish you can propose your own project if you found a challenging IT project that you would like to work with and apply your project management skills you acquire during this course.

You will analyze an earlier project and pick one specific problem you want to work with in your project plan. For example, if the previous project had usability problems, you can focus on this problem and suggest methods, testing procedures and metrics in your project plan to deal with the problem. Hence, search the Internet for analyses and reports on your specific project and make a group decision on the problem you want to tackle in the project plan. Below are the projects listed and links to get you started.

Some useful files for your projects:

Project Management Plan Template (Word)
Project Management Plan Template (Pdf)
Project Budgeting Spreadsheet (MS Excel)

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