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TDDD29 IT-Project Management

Course information

Course Aim

Several challenges have to be reached to successfully manage and lead IT- projects both in enterprises and public organizations of today. This course aims to give students knowledge in how to analyse issues in managing projects and the organizational challenges that the implementation of new IT- based applications demand. After the course the students shall:

  • be able to analyse, explain and examine issues related to the implementation of IS /IT that IT-project leaders confront
  • be able to develop and enhance knowledge about leading projects and being leader of IT projects
  • be able to identify and explain organizational prerequisites that stimulate possibilities as well as hindrances for cooperation between the project and the organization’ IT- infrastructure, as well as how these issues influence the implementation of the chosen applications.
  • analyse, examine and explain the role of the IT-project leader

Course structure

The course consists of five lectures that introduce central theoretical concepts as well as practical project management methods and approaches. Moreover, central in this course is a student group project in which you develop a professional project plan. Five seminars are planned for project work and group activities with a specific focus on critical parts of the project plan. At the final seminar, each group presents their project and project management approaches in a poster session.

Course Literature

Successful IT Projects,
Darren Dalcher and Lindsey Brodie, Cengage Learning EMEA, 2007.

ISBN: 1844806995 (hft), 9781844806997 (hft)

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