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TDDD24 Web programming and Interactivity


When e-mailing to course personell always include TDDD24 in the subject. Faliure to do so might cause our e-mail system to classify your mail as junk-mail.

Examiner and course leader

Henrik Eriksson

Course assistant

Anders Fröberg

Course secretary

Helene Meisinger

Other teachers

Alexander Kazen, e-mail aleka973@student.liu.se
Anton Niklasson, e-mail antni325@student.liu.se
Dan Andreasson, e-mail danan582@student.liu.se
Gustav Bylund
Naga Venkata Tallapragada
Per Jonsson, e-mail perjo927@student.liu.se
Sahand Sadjadee
Tobias Jansson, e-mail tobja258@student.liu.se

Director of studies

Jalal Maleki

  • Anders Fröberg

  • Sahand Sadjadee

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Last updated: 2013-01-12