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Project Presentations

TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course (6 ECTS)

Vt1-Vt2 2014


The presentations have been scheduled in 2 parallel sessions. Each student MUST attend 1 full session.

  Thursday, 16 May, room U15 Thursday, 16 May, room T19
Session 1.
Session 2.

004A Literature study on cloud computing
by Paul Borek and
Avraam Mavridis

001B Passphrase security in practice
by Georgios Rizothanasis and
Rahul Kumar Dutta


005A Analysis of Raspberry Pi
by Olle Westrin and
Mattias Rönn

002 Quantum key distribution in practice
by Pierre Mousa and
Carl Beckman

13.55-14.05 Break Break

006A Evaluation of physical security in a movie
by Sara Fekade and
Johannes Jarbratt

009A Practical WLAN security
by Tim Ziegenbein and
Robert Udd


012 User identification using input devices
by Jacob Pogulis

011 Plug computer
by Rasmus Holm and
Erik Sparre

14.45-14.55 Break Break

001A Passphrase security in practice
by Oliver Poignant and
Pontus Thulin

007 Automated categorization of identity federations
by Viktor Dahl and
David Odelberg


003 Covert channels in the cloud
by Tim Hedlund and
Patrik Bjurling

004B Literature study on cloud computing
by Kaveh Rezania and
Eunyoung Kim

15.35-15.45 Break Break

008 Mandatory access control with SELinux
by Erik Sundqvist and
Bahar Abbaspour Fasai

005B Analysis of Raspberry Pi
by Tobias Alm Alström and
Christian Tennsted


009B Practical WLAN security
by Claire Vacherot and
Gustav Ahlberg

006B Evaluation of physical security in a movie
by Rentas Dimitris and
Marinos Makedos

Projects presentation

Each group has 15 min for presentation and 5 min for questions and discussions. All students in each group must be active and be prepared to answer questions.

The presentation should address a broad audience and should be in English.

There will be a computer beamer projector for power point presentations. A classical slide projector will be available too.

Students who plan for a power point presentation must bring their own laptops. Also, before the session starts, they must check that their laptops are compatible with the beamer projector in the room.


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