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Muddy cards-kursutvärdering

32 out of the 42 students in the TDDD81 course handed in a Muddy Card evaluation. The following is a summary of the issues that appeared more than once in the cards.

Good course structure, labs, lectures, slides, and lecturers. It was specially appreciated that each lecture started with a summary of the previous lecture and/or contextualization, as well as that the lectures included exercises. The lab assistant's work was widely praised.
However, all the previous can be improved. For instance, the slides could contain less theory and more examples, specially examples where the lecturer runs some code live. The lecturer could give more time for solving the exercises posed, or even give some homework. The lecture halls were deemed too small and suboptimal. The course textbook was described as useless, boring and too much to read. It should be clarified what to read, what to study for the exam, and the connection between lectures and labs.

The following is our response to the comments above.

First of all, we are glad that the course is considered to be good in general. We are however interested in improving it. So, we appreciate the comments of all that participated in the evaluation. Regarding running some code live, it is actually something that we usually do. Regarding the time given to solve the exercises, we will consider whether it is a good idea to solve them in the next lecture rather than at the end of the current one (sometimes this may not be a good idea because the next lecture may be devoted to a different topic). Regarding the rooms, we agree that they are not optimal. However, it should be mentioned that we do not choose the rooms, i.e. they are assigned to us on the basis of the number of students in the course. Notice that you will read the second part of the course together with TDDD12, which is a larger group, and thus we should get way larger rooms. So, this problem should not repeat in the second part of the course. Regarding the book, we would like to say that we think it is a good book although a bit wordy. We are always looking for a better textbook. Finally, we think that what chapters to read for the lectures and exam is clearly explained in the course website. As to the connection between lectures and labs, we only have to say that everything taught in the first part of the course is needed for the labs and project. So, if someone did not see the connection, we are inclined to believe that this was due to the fact that the evaluation was done too early in the course, i.e. before lab 2.

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Senast uppdaterad: 2014-02-11