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TDDD10 AI Programming

Course Material

Get the VirtualBox Debian Image (3.1 GB) for running the Simulator on your own Computer (Windows/MAC/Linux)!
Get your VirtualBox Client here. Password of the Incident Commander is "rescue"!

Period 1

The schedule for Period 1 (HT1) of the course is available from the schedule server.

Week 36

Tuesday 9/3, 13-17, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille,

Practical Introduction to RoboCup Rescue Simulation

  • Read and work with the tutorial: tutorial.
Wednesday 9/4, 10-12, R35, LECTURE 1, Alex,

Introduction to the Course and Multi-Agent Systems

Thursday 9/5, 17-21, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille,

Implementing efficient Path Planning I

  • Read the corresponding Chapter in [Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Third Edition by S. Russell and P. Norvig]
  • Follow the instructions: lab 2: path finding.
Friday 9/6, 8-10, R37, LECTURE 2, Alex,

Agents and Agent Architectures

  • Slides: [PDF]
  • Read the corresponding Chapter in [An Introduction to Multiagent Systems by M. Wooldridge]
  • Read Paper: M. P. Georgeff and A. L. Lansky. Reactive reasoning and planning. In AAAI, volume 87, pages 677-682, 1987. [PDF]
  • Read Paper: E. H. Durfee, V. R. Lesser, and D. D. Corkill. Trends in cooperative distributed problem solving. Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on, 1(1):63-83, 1989. [PDF]
  • Read Paper: R. Brooks. A robust layered control system for a mobile robot. Robotics and Automation, IEEE Journal of, 2(1):14-23, 1986. [PDF]

Week 37

Tuesday 9/10, 13-17, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille,

Implementing efficient Path Planning II

Wednesday 9/11, 10-12, R44, LECTURE 3, Alex ,

Agents and Communication

  • Slides: [PDF]
  • Read Paper: R. G. Smith. The contract net protocol: High-level communication and control in a distributed problem solver. Computers, IEEE Transactions on, 100(12):1104-1113, 1980. [PDF]
Friday 9/13, 8-10, S11, LECTURE 4, Alex

Cooperative Sensing and Exploration

  • Slides: [PDF]
  • Check the CS Freiburg Webplayer: [WebPlayer]
  • Read Paper: B. Yamauchi. A frontier-based approach for autonomous exploration. In Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation, 1997. CIRA’97., Proceedings., 1997 IEEE International Symposium on, pages 146-151. IEEE, 1997. [PDF]
  • Read Paper: W. Burgard, M. Moors, D. Fox, R. Simmons, and S. Thrun. Collaborative multi-robot exploration. In Robotics and Automation, 2000. Proceedings. ICRA'00. IEEE International Conference on, volume 1, pages 476-481. IEEE, 2000. [PDF]
  • Read Paper: M. Dietl, J.-S. Gutmann, and B. Nebel. Cooperative sensing in dynamic environments. In Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2001. Proceedings. 2001 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on, volume 3, pages 1706-1713. IEEE, 2001. [PDF]

Week 38

Tuesday 9/17, 13-17, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille

JADE Communication and Contract Net Protocol

Wednesday 9/18, 10-12, R42, LECTURE 5, Alex

Working Together I: Centralized Task Allocation

  • Slides: [PDF]
  • Read Paper: Pentico, D. W. (2007). Assignment problems: A golden anniversary survey. European Journal of Operational Research, 176(2):774-793. [PDF]
  • Read Paper: Carraresi, P. and Gallo, G. (1984). A multi-level bottleneck assignment approach to the bus drivers' rostering problem. European Journal of Operational Research, 16(2):163-173. [PDF]
  • Read Paper: Ceselli, A. and Righini, G. (2006). A branch-and-price algorithm for the multi- level generalized assignment problem. Operations research, 54(6):1172-1184. [PDF]
Friday 9/20, 8-10, R22, LECTURE 6, Alex

Working Together II: DCOPs - Distributed Constraint Optimization

  • Slides: [PDF]
  • Download this awesome Fire Fighting log file with included player and viewer: [rsl_fire.tgz (~60MB)]

    Week 39

    Tuesday 9/24, 13-17, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille

    - Cooperative Sensing and Team Exploration

    • Follow the instructions: lab 4: exploration.
    • If you want to do the lab on your own computer, or in the virtual machine, you need to download the two following files:
    Wednesday 9/25, SEMINAR HAS BEEN CANCELED!

    Thursday 9/26, 17-21, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille

    Centralized Task Allocation

    Friday 9/27, 8-10, R37, LECTURE 7, Cyrille

    Machine Learning

    • Slides: [PDF]
    • Read Paper: Paquet, S. and Chaib-draa, B. and Dallaire, P. and Bergeron, D. (2010). Task allocation learning in a multiagent environment: Application to the RoboCupRescue simulation. Multiagent and Grid Systems, 6(4):293-314. [PDF]
    • Read Paper: Paquet, S. and Bernier, N. and Chaib-draa, B. (2004). DAMAS-Rescue description paper. Proceedings of the RoboCup Symposium 2004. [PDF]

    Week 40

    Tuesday 10/01, 13-17, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille

    Machine Learning

    Wednesday 10/02, 10-12, S10, LECTURE 8, Alex

    Coalition Formation and Role Assignment

    • Slides: [PDF]

    Week 41

    Tuesday 10/08, 13-17, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille

    Wednesday 10/09, 10-12, R36, LECTURE 9, Alex


    • Slides: [PDF]
    Thursday 10/10, 17-21, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille

    Friday 10/11, 8-10, R36, SEMINAR 1, Alex and Cyrille

    Week 42

    Tuesday 10/15, 13-17, SU14, LABORATORY, Cyrille

    Wednesday 10/16, 10-12, R34, SEMINAR 2, Alex and Cyrille

    Thursday 10/18, 08-10, R35, LECTURE 10, Alex

    Putting it all Together

    Period 2

    The schedule for the second period of the course is available from the schedule server.

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