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TDDD10 AI Programming

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Oct 8, 2013   Group and individual assignment instructions

Instructions for the group and individual assignment.

Oct 1, 2013   Lab5: bug in the map

The on-fire map is using the wrong configuration, and the communication is too restrictive, if you have already started the lab, you need to update it: cp /home/TDDD10/maps/Kobe2013-on-fire/config/comms.cfg ~/Kobe2013-on-fire-config/comms.cfg

Sep 24, 2013   Lab4: port problem and configuration

You will need to make a copy of the map configuration to edit the port:
cd cp -r /home/TDDD10/maps/Kobe2013-all-ambulances/config Kobe2013-all-ambulances-config

Then edit the port in Kobe2013-all-ambulances-config so that it maches the one in ~/RescueSimulator/boot/config.

Then when you start the simulator use -c ~/Kobe2013-all-ambulances-config.

Sep 24, 2013   About labs

About path planning, as some of you have noticed the method for getting the length using the edge described in lab 2 gives odd results. There is an alternative, which should work better, you can use StandardWolrdModel.getDistance. It computes the euclidean distance between the center of two entities. But be carefull, you still have to compute it along a path.
Also, many of you seem worried by the deadlines, well you should not. Try to respect them as much as possible, but if you are late it is still acceptable. And do not forget to commit your code in the subversion repository

Sep 19, 2013   Virtual Machine Image

Get the VirtualBox Debian Image (3.1 GB) for running the Simulator on your own Computer (Windows/MAC/Linux)!
Get your VirtualBox Client here.

Sep 5, 2013   Third Lab

Keep working on the path planning algorithm and I have updated the instructions with some hints that you may find useful.

Sep 5, 2013   Second Lab

You can find the text for the second lab in the timetable page. The text for subsequent lab will be made available on that page as soon as they are ready. Also, if you have not finish the first lab, you may skip it, you will have other opportunities to develop similar and better features later.
Before this lab, it is advised that you run the following commands:
\rm -r RescueSimulator
This will get you updated scripts that can launch the full simulation.
Subversion is now setup:
svn mkdir --parents https://svn-und.ida.liu.se/courses/TDDD10/2013-ht1/aipXX/trunk/agents -m "Agents project"
svn co https://svn-und.ida.liu.se/courses/TDDD10/2013-ht1/aipXX/trunk/agents agents_svn
cp -r agents_svn/.svn agents
cd agents
svn add src manifest
svn commit -m "Initial agents"

Replace XX with your group number without a 0

Do not forget to commit after every lab and before every deadline!

Sep 3, 2013   Some tips

  • To get open declaration to work in eclipse, when eclipse does not find the declaration, you can add "/home/TDDD10/RescueSimulator/modules" and it should find the source code of the simulator
  • to get logging to work, in the "launch configuration", in the class path tab, click on "User Entries" then on "Advanced" then select "Add External Folder" then "Ok" then select the folder "~/RescueSimulator/supplement". Make sure the directory appears first, use "up" button to move it up. Then run your agent, the log will appear in "~/agents/logs/sample.log"

Aug 7, 2013   Welcome!

Welcome to our course on AI Programming!

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