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TDDD10 AI Programming (6 ECTS)

Ht1-Ht2 2013

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Sep 16, 2014   Subversion

The subversion repositories have now been setup. It is accessible at https://svn-und.ida.liu.se/courses/TDDD10/2014-1-LABS/aip-X, where X is your group number (aip-1, aip-2... aip-13, aip-14).
To checkout your code:

        svn co https://svn-und.ida.liu.se/courses/TDDD10/2014-1-LABS/aip-X;
        mv ~/aip-X/.svn ~/agents
        cd ~/agents
        [add your code, commit and enjoy !]

You can access subversion with the aip account or with your own student account.

Sep 15, 2014   Lectures slides

The first two lectures slides are available in the course materials.

Sep 09, 2014   Some tips

  • To get open declaration to work in eclipse, when eclipse does not find the declaration, you can add "/home/TDDD10/RescueSimulator/modules" and it should find the source code of the simulator
  • to get logging to work, in the "launch configuration", in the class path tab, click on "User Entries" then on "Advanced" then select "Add External Folder" then "Ok" then select the folder "~/RescueSimulator/supplement". Make sure the directory appears first, use "up" button to move it up. Then run your agent, the log will appear in "~/agents/logs/sample.log"

Sep 08, 2014   Lab registration

You can register your group in webreg (group size is of three students, no less, no more)

Aug 19, 2014   Welcome!

Welcome to our course on AI Programming! The website is being update right now with information, stay tuned !

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