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TDDD10 AI Programming


The course has the following examination items:



Schedule Overview: Schedule Overview

The examination consists of three related assignments:

  1. Lab assignments (HT1): Complete successfully the basic and advanced lab assignments during the first 6 weeks.
  2. Individual assignment (HT2): Study an AI-technique from a science paper. Implement this algorithm in the simulator and evaluate it. Write a final report and present all this during the seminars.
  3. Team assignment (HT2): Design and participate in a RoboCup Team that is capable of winning against last year’s champions and again the other teams in the LAB. Write a report and present on all underlying approaches.
The first two assignments are done in groups of 2-3 students, the second assignment individually, and the third assignment within a team of 10 students. Each group should be registered in WebReg.

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