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TDDD05 Component-based Software


During the course, we will meet weekly for grand seminars (storseminarium) where material in the course is discussed. The format for each grand seminar is that you prepare by reviewing the online lecture material, read the course book chapters and additional material as preparation, and perform tasks as preparation for each seminar. The first part of each seminar will consist of you meeting in groups and discussing the issues of each seminar, where you get a chance to demonstrate your solutions to each task and ask each other questions. The last part of the seminar will consist of us, me and you jointly, discussing material in depth depending on your questions.

Most of the seminars will require you all to read all associated material and answer questions, but two of the seminars will require you to divide material between yourselves. When you do so, you must make sure that two people have read the same material in each group. Bring paper copies of the articles that you are supposed to discuss for each seminar, so that you are prepared to discuss them and take notes as required. Also, read the specific instructions for each seminar carefully so that you know what is required of you each week. These are the seminars in the course:

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