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TDDD05 Component Based Software

Lab Series

Introduction to lab series:

You may either use the IDA lab computers or bring your own laptop and install the necessary (free) software on it yourself.

You are expected to work in groups of two students who equally contribute to the labs and their demonstration.


The lab assignments are graded based on your answers to the questions asked at the end of each lab, and active participation in the following seminars (UPG2). Each lab assignment requires you to submit, on time, your answers to the questions asked in the first and second labs in preparation for seminars 2 and 4, and a summary of your tutorial session in lab 3 (in preparation for seminar 6).

The advanced topics will require you to look for information on your own about your selected topic, and possibly work with other software than Eclipse or Spring to create a tutorial. Should you choose to work with Software Architectures and Model-Driven Engineering, you may want to study and create tutorials for AADL or OpenModelica (see the literature page for more information).

Failure to hand in assignments on time, and provide well-justified answers to questions, or failure to actively participate in the seminars, will require you to to additional work.

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