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TDDD05 Component Based Software

Lab Series

Introduction to lab series:

The number of lab places is limited!

By registering for the labs you occupy a limited resource and thereby agree on doing your best to complete the entire lab series.

Only new students first registered on the course in 2014 are eligible for the lab series and the bonus.

For each assignment completed and within its respective deadline, exam bonus points will be awarded according to the following:

  • Lab 1: 1 point
  • Lab 2: 2 points
  • Lab 3: 3 points
In total, a maximum of 6 points can be awarded for the three labs.

The bonus is applicable to all exams including the first one (Spring 2014) and onwards. Students who first-time registered for the course in 2013 or earlier are not eligible for the bonus and should thus not sign up for the labs.

You may either use the IDA SUN lab computers or bring your own laptop and install the necessary (free) software on it yourself.

You are expected to work in groups of two students who equally contribute to the labs and their demonstration.

For attending the lab sessions, you must be well prepared. The course assistants are entitled to fail unprepared students immediately on the lab assignment.

Submissions after the corresponding lab deadline give no points and will not be processed!

Cases of cheating, such as copying lab code or text from others, will be subject to immediate actions in the LiU discipline court.

Page responsible: Lu Li
Last updated: 2014-05-20