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March 31th, 2014  Seminar texts revised and office hours moved

The seminar descriptions have been revised, reflecting the fact that groups will be mixed to maximize the distribution of solutions to questions during the seminar. Also, office hours April 3rd are move to April 2nd 9-11 instead due to schedule conflicts.

March 21 2014  Welcome!

Next week marks the start of the course. We will meet for the first lecture Tuesday the 25th 10-12 in U10. See you all then!

March 14 2014  Most content online

Most of the contents of the course are now in place, only some online lecture content is still to be uploaded. Welcome everybody to this year's edition of TDDD05.

7 Jan 2014  New edition of the course

These pages are being revised for the new edition of this course in Spring 2014. Any content is preliminary and information may change.

10 June 2013  Exam review on friday 14 june 12:15-13:00

The result of the exam of 1 june 2013 has been reported to Ladok. Information about the grading scheme is attached to the notification letters sent out by Ladok.
An exam review session (tentavisning) has been scheduled for friday 14 june 2013, 12:15-13:00 in room Donald Knuth, IDA.
Use this opportunity to inspect your exam and ask questions about the correction.
Afterwards the exams will be archived in the IDA student expedition (E-house, upper floor).

14 May 2013  Moving the last lecture to 20/5/2013 15-17

Due to a business trip I have to move the last lecture (model-driven development; optimized composition) from 24/5 to monday 20/5/2013 at 15-17 in room R43. (This means we have a 4-hour lecture slot on monday afternoon.)

29 Apr 2013  Muddy-card evaluation 2013

The report about the muddy card evaluation of friday 26/4/2013 is now available here.

15 Feb 2013  New examinator 2013

The course pages are being updated for 2013.
The new interim examinator for 2013 is Christoph Kessler.

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