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Project Members

E-mail lists

To be able to communicate within the departments and the teams and for the supervisors to be able to contact the groups, it is important that maillists are created for the company and that all members are added to them.

You can set up the lists wherever you want, but google groups (groups.google.com) is one suggestion. To not collide with other years, the following names are suggestions for naming the lists.

Company 1:
  pumi-2013-10   Company 1 - P&S Department 
  pumi-2013-11   Company 1 - R&D Department
  pumi-2013-12   Company 1 - A Team (E.g. the GUI module team) 
  pumi-2013-13   Company 1 - Another Team (E.g. communication module team)
  pumi-2013-14   Company 1 - A third team etc..

Company 2:
  pumi-2013-20   Company 2 - P&S Department 
  pumi-2013-21   Company 2 - R&D Department etc..

Please create these lists latest at the end of week 36. Add the supervisors to the first two lists too (P&S + R&D departments).

Page responsible: Kristian Sandahl
Last updated: 2013-09-17