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TDDB84 Design Patterns

Course Lectures

The lecture slides and related material used during the lectures will be made available for download after each lecture. Please check regularly this page for the latest update of the course material.
There is an approximation of the order in which we will cover the Design Patterns in each lecture.

The lecture slides from last year are also available if you want to take notes based on them.

Lecture 1: Introduction and the Strategy pattern

Lecture 2: Factory Method and Decorator

Lecture 3: Template Method and Iterator

Lecture 4: Abstract Factory and Composite

Lecture 5: Builder, Singleton, Proxy, Mediator

Lecture 6: Adapter, Bridge, Observer, Chain of responsibility, Memento, Command

Lecture 7: State, Interpreter, Visitor, DSL

Lecture 8: Façade, Prototype, Flyweight, Fluent API:s

Lecture 9: SOLID, Languages vs Patterns, Summary and exam

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Last updated: 2013-10-11