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TDDB84 Design Patterns

Course Laboratories


The practical part of the course consists of five laboratory works listed below. For each lab, you are given a skeleton of the code that you are supposed to complete according to the description of the lab. The programming language used for the labs is Java.


To pass the labs, you must

  1. Show your assistant that your applet works
  2. Hand in print-outs of the files you have changed or created
  3. Your changes must be well documented
  4. Prefix your new classes/methods with S_ (Example: S_MyNewClass)
  5. You must also be able to motivate design choices
Demonstrating in person is done with both group members present, to ensure that you both have understood the problem and solutions in each assignment.


You need to register in Webreg before September 10.


The deadline for passing the labs is set to October 18.


  • According to the experience from the previous years, Lab 2 and Lab 4 tend to be more challenging for students than the other ones. You may do the labs in any order you like.
  • If you start an applet from Eclipse and the keyboard does not seem to be working, try to add setVisible(true); right before requestFocus(); in the initialization code of the applet.

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