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TDDB69 Advanced Web Programming

Online Reports

Online Reports with deadlines

Note that online project reports are mandatory and that each team must have a project website for placing these reports online for the course management.  

Click here for example project specificaiton...

Project specification. On the 30 of March teams must have registered their project website URL where a project specification is accessible and also the group member contact email addresses. The course staff will get back to you with comments on your projects and may also require additions or changes to for a passing project. The staff member answering your questions will also be your assistant to whom you direct further questions. 

Project status report. On the 4 of May, the teams must have a status report ready on their registered project website URL accessible by the TDDB69 staff, where the Team present the their work so far. This is not the project deadline, but at a minimum you should be able to generate and show screen dumps that illustrate your project and give Javadoc documentation describing your code. Your assistant will comment the project for any important last minute changes required to pass or achieve your desired grade.

Remember to set up a web site where course management should be able to look at the project during the two online reports, during demonstraiton and after demontration for code. Register the URL to your project web site during using the Registration on this web site.

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Last updated: 2007-03-08