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TDDB69 Advanced Web Programming


Project proposal

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The project task in TDDB69 is a multi-user network application with a set of technology requirements (see below) and should be considered a moderately-sized project. To avoid inappropriate projects, you must present your project idea a seminar for the course management and write a 1-2-page project proposal. The proposal should contain:

  • Description of minimum functionality (150 words)
  • Description of optional functionality
  • Description of graphics (simple sketch of layout)
  • A suggestion for the user interface (50 words)
  • List of APIs or java tools involved in the project (such as threads, rmi, security, internationalization, java3D, java Media... )
  • Reused APIs or tools (Using third party APIs is good for your grade!)
  • The grade you are aiming for in the course.

The proposal should be written to facilitate the discussion about the issues above. After the presentation of your project, the lab assistant will give you an indication of the complexity of the project you selected and any required extensions you need to pass or get your desired grade.

Project requirements

The project should be a multi-user network application with the following set of technologies. Each project aiming to pass should contain:

  • Advanced network functionality: RMI, JXTA or SOAP, AJAX (or similar) but not sockets or CGI-BIN, or HTML based connectivity.
  • Application data storage using XML, database.
  • User interface design: SWING, SWT, Java 3D or other advanced GUI APIs or graphical APIs. Tool-based GUI building is preferable. Generated HTML interface using Java Server Pages or Java Server Faces for application GUI is ok. XML/XSLT and Javascrip Web2 based GUIs is also ok.

  • Static HTML pages in projects are not acceptable as major components of your projects!
  • Javascrip-based projects need to make extensive use of Web 2 technologies and JavaScrip component structures
  •  Web-shop projects should have a major focus on back-office technologies
  • Basic  messenger / chatt / file sharing -type projects are not advanced enough

(For advanced project members we may discuss different setups with other technologies but this can be considered the baseline for a passing project).

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Last updated: 2007-03-08