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TDDB69 Advanced Web Programming


Examination of Project

Projects are presented for examination for you assistant for the final grading of the project in an oral examination with project demonstration. You are expected to present your projects at IDA and should take care to test your application on the demonstration platform. Developing on PC and demonstrating on UNIX is risky. 

Students are still graded as individuals. Every student must have worked in all parts of the project and be able to on their own present all aspects of the project. Spliting the project in parts and doing only one aspect of the technology is not acceptable and well not enable you to pass the course. If you want to work on your own time and not in a team we suggest doing the project on your own.

Hard Deadline June 1.

Grades of 3 to 5 will be issued to students of the D, C, I, M, and Y programs. International students (such as ERASMUS students) will also be graded according to ECTS (grades A-FX). For the higher grades 4, 5, and VG, all deadlines must be met and the project must be especially good! Deadlines include project presentation. The projects are graded according to the following criteria: 
  • Maturity in development demonstrated by the students 
  • Completion of a mid-size project 
  • The advanced use of technologies (primarily networking and data storage but not so much GUI) 
  • The timely delivery of the project 
  • Proper use of object oriented programming techniques 
  • The documentation

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Last updated: 2007-03-08