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TDDB64 Web programming and Interactivity


Please look at the central schedule for information on the overall course schedule. This schedule does not assign you to specific computer rooms for the labs, but you may use any one of the rooms available. Assistants will be available on most occasions in one of the rooms, as stated below.

Important dates:

  • Sign up for the labs in WebReg by January 25. Remember that you must be registered for this course in order to sign up for the labs.
  • Labs 1-6 must be completed before March 5. This date is a milestone that you should not miss.
  • The final lab, Lab 7, must be completed by April 2. We make no guarantees as to when or if late labs are corrected before next year so make sure you hand in your labs in time.

Assisted lab hours

At all times the lab rooms are booked there will be at least one assistant available except for some evenings. See the list below for more information on exactly where and when lab assistants will be available. If you do not find a place in that lab room, please feel free to come to that room and ask for help. The reason why not all assistants are available at all times is that we want to spend some time communicating with you via the forums as well as correcting and providing feedback on your labs. From previous experience, having one assistant available has seemed to be a good compromise between direct availability in the lab rooms and efficient use of time.

Vecka 04, 2007     22/1 - 28/1

 To 15-17 SU00 Tobias Ivarsson

Vecka 05, 2007     29/1 - 4/2

 On 08-10 SU02 Alexei Bavelski
 On 17-19 SU00 Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar
 To 15-17 SU00 Jean-Sebastien Susset

Vecka 06, 2007     5/2 - 11/2

 Må 17-19 SU00 Mati-Ur-Rehman Khan
 To 15-17 SU00 Tobias Ivarsson

Vecka 07, 2007     12/2 - 18/2

 To 15-17 SU00 Jean-Sebastien Susset

Vecka 08, 2007     19/2 - 25/2

 Må 15-17 SU00 Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar
 To 15-17 SU00 Alexei Bavelski

Vecka 09, 2007     26/2 - 4/3

 Må 15-17 SU04 Mati-Ur-Rehman Khan
 Må 17-19 SU00 Jean-Sebastien Susset
 On 08-10 SU00 Tobias Ivarsson
 On 10-12 SU00 Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar
 To 13-15 SU00 Alexei Bavelski
 To 15-17 SU00 Mati-Ur-Rehman Khan

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Last updated: 2007-01-30