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Slides 2007 (local access only)

Slides from the lectures are available in the pdf-format suitable for printing and on-line viewing.
* Lecture 1 [pdf]
* Lecture 2 [pdf]
* Lecture 3 [pdf]
* Lecture 4 [pdf]
* Lecture 5 [pdf]
* Lecture 6 (on-line lecture)
Part 1: [RealPlayer broadband] [RealPlayer narrowband]
Part 2: [RealPlayer broadband] [RealPlayer narrowband]
Part 3: [RealPlayer broadband]
Note: The on-line lecture consists of three parts. Parts 1 and 2 are "regular" lectures. Part 3 is a movie about the Internet provided by Ericsson Media Lab. You need RealPlayer to view them. RealPlayer broadband requires 220 kb/s (video and audio). RealPlayer narrowband requires 56 kb/s (audio only). The slides are also available in pdf-format: Part 1 and Part 2.

Remote access (outside the liu.se domain) require a password, which registered students can obtain by request. If you want to view this lecture from home (dorm), you can download the free RealPlayer Basic. If you have problems with the playback, try upgrading the RealPlayer.

* Lecture 7 [pdf]
* Ruby on Rails [pdf]
* Lecture 8 [pdf]
* Lecture 9 [pdf]
* Lecture 11 [pdf]
* Lecture 12 [pdf]


Patrick Doherty provided many excellent slides that were used in this course. Slides by Fredrik Espinoza where a helpful inspiration, too.

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