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Labs: General information

Signing up

You will work in pairs in this course, due to logistical constraints. To find a suitable lab partner, choose a lab group where there is a slot available and sign up there. The group you sign up in determines which assistant will correct your labs. However, you may of course ask all assistants for help during the labs. Make sure that you are registered for this course before you begin the lab series. When you sign up for a lab group you must be registered for the course.

Sign up for labs through the new WebReg system here. The deadline for signing up for labs is January 25, 2007.

Reporting your work

For each of the labs DHTML, Layout and XML you are suppose to create a web page with hyperlinks to the files you you have edited/created. Use the subdirectory www-pub in your home directory as your web catalogue. This will make your web pages available through the URL http://www-und.ida.liu.se/~<username>/. Also include a description on your web page of what you have done in that particular lab assignment, and some personal thoughts on what you think about the technology you have used. This description does not need to be any longer then half a page. Labs are submitted through our online forums.

Use your student account to access them when a dialogue appears and prompts for user and password. When you submit a lab, you post a message in the forum that belongs to the lab in the "Lab submission" category. Your submission should contain a link to an online demonstration of your lab so that your assistant can review your solution online. For labs 4 and 6 that require source code to be displayed separately, see the tip on using phps files in the lab descriptions. The forums will also be used for asking questions about the labs and whenever there is a question about a lab that you think others might ask themselves, please use the forums for asking questions.

Security notice regarding the forums: Once you have provided your login and password in the dialog window, you may not be logged out until you log out of the computer you are using to access the forums. This is the case even if you manually click on the "log out" link in the forum.

Feedback on lab submission

Once you have submitted your lab, your assistant will correct it and let you know of the result, along with any comments, via e-mail. If you would like to get an overview of your results, log on to the WebReg system (link above) and you should be able to see the same information that has been sent to you by e-mail.

Choosing computing environment

For labs 1 and 3 (DHTML and XML), you are free to choose between Mozilla and Internet Explorer as platforms, but if you choose to solve the labs with Internet Explorer, which is not the native browser in the computer rooms you use in this course, you have to make sure that your assistant can view your solution properly, which you will have to arrange individually. This goes for people who choose to set up their own environments at home for doing the labs - make sure that your assistant can inspect your solution if you do not use the recommended environments.

Lab descriptions

Lab 1. DHTML
Lab 2. Layout control
Lab 3. XML and XSLT
Lab 4. PHP
Lab 5. CMS
Lab 6. Web Services
Lab 7. Java: animal agents

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