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TDDB64 Web programming and Interactivity

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Jan 24, 2008  Update Soap for php5 lab7

Lab7 update to work wiht PHP5 build-in SOAP support.

Dec 21, 2007  Course replaced by TDDD24

Since 2007/08, the course TDDB64 have been replaced by TDDD24 Web programming and Interactivity, which will be based on a difference series of programming assignments. The web pages for TDDB64 are obsolete, but will remain for some time for reference (e.g., for old students of TDDB64).

Feb 15, 2007  Lab 7 - Using SOAP with Java, description published

The lab description for Lab 7 - Using SOAP with Java has now been published.

Feb 6, 2007  Lab 5 - CMS, description published

The lab description for Lab 5 - CMS has now been published.

Feb 1  No lecture on February 5

Please note that there will be no lecture on February 5 as this is a reserv slot. The next lecture is February 8 at 13-15.

Jan 29  New course secretary

There has been a change of course secretary for TDDB64. The new course secretary is Marie Ekström Lorentzon.

Jan 18  Course information updated

The two-page course information has been updated. In addition to basic facts about the course, this document contains the lecture schedule with dates and topics.

Jan 18  Lab registration - webreg open

The webreg system is now open for registration to the labs. Registration must be completed by January 25.

Jan 16  First lecture

The first lecture will be on Thursday 18 January at 08:15 in Vallfarten.

Dec 22  Web pages not yet updated for 2007

Please note that these web pages refer to the couree given in the spring of 2006. They have not yet been updated for 2007. However, the general organization of the course will be the same as last year. Furthermore, there is a preliminary version of the course information available.

Mar 1  Lab series deadline update

The lab series has now only one deadline: April 6. Late labs stand a good chance of not being registered for course credits this year, so make sure you hand them in on time.

Feb 22  No lecture on Feb 23

Please note that there will be no lecture on February 23. (The reason is that we are ahead of schedule due to the cancelled guest lecture earlier in the lecture series).

Jan 26  New NuSOAP available

For Lab 5, we have provided a new version of NuSOAP (0.7.2) that should be more compatible with the Amazon Web Service.

Jan 26  WebReg problems and new forums

  1. Some of you experienced problems with signing up for labs January 24th - January 25th. This was due to a technical problem that was fixed January 25th, so please try again.
  2. New forums have been added to the online forums that you may use for general issues about the course such as technical problems with using the WebReg system for instance.

Jan 24  Timetable and assistant information updates

  1. Information on which lab assistants will be available during the labs has been added to the timetable.
  2. There is also information on what assistants look like, so you can recognize them during the labs.

Jan 23  Labs updated

The lab descriptions for labs 1-5 have been updated for this years course.

  1. It is possible to sign up for a lab group until February 3rd. Make sure to register for this course before you try to sign up.
  2. There are online forums available where you submit labs and may ask questions about the labs
  3. The lab descriptions for the first 5 labs have been updated to reflect some changes due for this year. Lab 6 is yet to be revised however, please contact the course staff if you would begin with it already.
More information about the labs is available at the index page for the labs.

Jan 16  Preliminary course information available

The preliminary course information is available. The rest of course web pages are currently being revised for 2005/2006. Some information may be outdated and may refer to last year's course.

Jan 16  Late registration possible

It is still possible to sign up for this course at this point. In order to do so, you need to contact a student advisor and get a signature from the course leader.

Mar 15  Lab 6 Cvs problems

Since sourceforge is currently having problems with thier CVS, the source code for lab 6 is downloadable from the lab page.

Mar 3  Final lab demonstrations

Since it's soon deadline for demonstrating labs 1 through 5 and there are still groups who would like to show their labs but have not had the time/opportunity yet, here are your options:

  • Henrik Erikssons students (Groups "D3C/D4" and "D3D/D4"):

    • Students in D3C/D4 may demonstrate labs to Fredrik Malm. See below for how or when.
    • Students in D3D/D4 may demonstrate labs to Anders Larsson. See below for how or when.
    If any of you have already submitted labs to Henrik but have yet to receive an answer about them, please redirect your lab inquires and demonstrations to Fredrik or Anders.
  • Online demonstrations for labs 1-3 (4,5):

    According to the instructions on the index page for the labs (http://www.ida.liu.se/~TDDB64/mtrl/labs/index.en.shtml) you may send an e-mail with links to the first three labs along with descriptions of what you have done and your impressions of the web techniques that you learned.

    • For lab 1, only the TV guide part need to be demonstrated.
    • For lab 2, the hamlet part need to be demonstrated. Do this by providing three separate links to XML files which in turn point to the relevant XSLT files.
    • For lab 3, make sure all media resources are references with proper URI:s so that they can be accessed from any computer if you demonstrate lab 3 online.

    Since it is possible to view the solutions to labs 4 and 5 online as well, do as follows for online demonstration:

    Provide links to both the PHP site and a documentation site, where the documentation site describes the solution and has references to PHPs-files (make a symbolic link with 'ln -s file.php file.phps' and view the PHPs file in a browser by retrieveing it from the web server) that in turn show your solution.

    Make sure you provide a description of your database along with the PHPs references on your documentation site.

  • Live demonstrations:
    If you'd like to demonstrate your labs in person, here are some times and places for that:

            * Fredrik Malms students (Groups "IT4", "IT4/TB4" and "Ii4"):
            Tuesday March 8 10-12 in SU15/16.

    * Anders Larssons students (Groups "I4A", "I4B"): Monday March 7 10-12 in SU15/16

    * Ola Leifler students (Groups "C3/C4", "D3A/D4" and "D3B/D4"): Monday March 7 10-12 in SU17/18

    * Feiyu Lins students (Group "CII"): Send an E-mail to Feiyu to make arrangements.

Feb 15  Bug in the Web Services lab

When doing author searches using amazon.php, the results did not contains books as expected. This has now been corrected.

Feb 15  Changes to the ordering of lectures

The order of the final lectures has been changed slightly (with regard to their content). The new order is as follows:

  • Feb 17 - References, collections, Java Foundation Classes (Swing), Java 3D, Java APIs.
  • Feb 23 - Aspect-oriented programming with AspectJ and development tools such as Ant, JUnit, CVS, JBuilder, and Eclipse.
  • Feb 24 - Client-server communication. (Erik Berglund)
Note that there are no changes to the date, time and location for these lectures.

Jan 21  Timetable for labs

The timetable now contains information on when and where there will be lab assistants available. The central schedule should also be updated soon with this information, on Monday at the latest.

Jan 17  Lab registration

The webreg system now accepts registration for the labs. The deadline for lab registration is January 24.

Jan 13  Updated course information

The lecture schedule in the course information has been updated.

Jan 12  Updated course information

The course information for 2005 is now available.

Dec 20  Homepage restructuring

The course web pages are under reconstruction. Please be patient while the content is being moved to these new pages.

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Last updated: 2004-11-29