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TDDB63 Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems

HT 2005

OBS This course is no longer given; it has been replaced by TDDI04.

Please note that the previous course leader, Andrzej Bednarski, has graduated and left IDA in June 2006.

Important information for old TDDB63 students: (last updated in June 2007)

Old NACHOS labs

If you have some (but not all) unfinished NACHOS labs left, please contact the course assistant of TDDI04, Viacheslav Izosimov (viaiz \at ida.liu.se). The NACHOS system will still be supported for a transition period until 30/6/2008. Your lab reports will then be corrected as time permits.
After the transition period has expired 1/7/2008, NACHOS will be discontinued and all previous NACHOS lab results will be null and void; you are then welcome to do the new lab series with the new lab system in TDDI04.

If you have the entire NACHOS lab series left, register for the new TDDI04 labs (start january 2008).


If you have passed the TDDB63 exam earlier but need the course TDDI04 (including the real-time moment) for some reason, you can upgrade your TDDB63 result as follows:
Register for the next TDDI04 exam. In the exam, solve only the one assignment called Real-time Operating Systems, and put a remark for the corrector that you are only interested in the upgrade of your previous TDDB63 exam. Then you do not need to solve any other questions. If you achieve at least 50% of the possible points in this RTOS assignment, you will be passed on the TDDI04 exam, and your previous TDDB63 exam grade will be copied to TDDI04.

-- C. Kessler, interim examinator for TDDB63 / TDDI12 / TDDI04 July 2006-Dec 2007

General Information

The aim of the course is to provide students concepts in operating systems and concurrent programming.

The course is designed primarily for students in DE, DI, EI, I and Ii lines. In this course we will do our best to achieve the goal of helping you get detailed knowledge with important concepts in:

  • concurrent programming: processes, semaphores, monitors, message passing, deadlock; and
  • operating systems: implementation of processes, process scheduling, memory management, secondary storage, input/output, security.

The course consists of lectures (Fö 20h), laboratory lessons (Le 6h), and supervised laboratory time (La 36h) to carry out programming assignments.

More information about the course can be found in the study guide


Please, register to the labs as soon as possible. Click here to register

The time and date for the written exam can be found by the search engine for TDDB63.


  • [29 August 2005]: On Friday, 2nd you will be asked to fill in so called muddy cards. It regards the lectures and laboratory part - you should think of what you (most) liked and disliked during the first half of course. Further you are welcome to add your own remarks concerning lectures/laboratory lessons/teachers, etc.
  • [10 August 2005]: The home page is currently being modified. Students who want to access slides from 2004 before the examination, will find them in repository 2004
  • [8 August 2005]: Re-examination for TDDB63 is planned for 17th, August

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