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TDDB62 Software engineering

Course Goal

The student will learn about different process models for effective software development. The different steps in the software development process will also be presented. The student will also gain experience using commercial tools for software development.

Course information

Course information is available.


Some programming experience in an object oriented programming language. Basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Course personal

Course responsible and examiner:

Kristian Sandahl

Course assistant:

Martin Fransson


Klas Arvidsson

Course secretary:

Anne Moe

Area manger:

Erik Larsson

Course literature

  • Pfleeger, S. L. and Atlee, J. M. Software Engineering Theory and Practice 3rd edition, Pearson Education International, ISBN 0-13-198461-6. (Recommended)

  • OR

  • Pfleeger, S. L. Software Engineering Theory and Practice 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-029049-1.

Course organization

Lectures: 16 h
Laboratory work: 30 h

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Last updated: 2006-08-17