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TDDB38 and TDDI60 (7.5/6 ECTS)

Ht1 2006

Latest News...

sep 28th  Exam jour!

If you have questions while studying for the exam we will be available on the following times: Juha 11/10 13-17 and Lena 12/10 13-17

sep 28th  Last lecture

One part of the last lecture will be devoted to a summary of the course. For this part we would like to have input on what you would like us to concentrate on. This vould be topics that have been concidered dificults or examples of exercises that you want us to explain. Send suggestions to Lena, lestr@ida.liu.se.

sep 20th  Lab assistance during project

The mini project is not supervised. However, lab assistents can be reached via e-mail. In addition each assistant will be available for questions at some occassions. See the schedule page for more information.

Jun 20th  Course page for autumn 2006.

The page is now updated for courses in autumn 2006. More information will come in august. Note that the course page is for two courses: TDDB38 and TDDI60.

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